from Monday 11 to Wednesday 13
November 2024
Palais des Congrès - Paris - France
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Corporate Social Responsibility

QUINZE MAI is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is ISO 20121 certified for responsible event management. QUINZE MAI is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact, fostering social inclusion, and promoting ethical business practices. The ISO 20121 certification reflects this commitment to adhering to high international standards in the planning and execution of every event.

Priority issues

Incorporate our activities within an eco-responsible framework to reduce their impacts.

Improve employee well-being and internal communication.

Develop and promote responsible purchasing while remaining economically efficient.


Apply the responsible management system to all our event activities and communicate its importance.

Respect the legal and regulatory requirements of the sector and the ISO 20121:2012 standard.

Engage our stakeholders in our sustainable development approach.

Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of our objectives through the promotion of continuous improvement.

CSR Recommendations

  • Restoration: we work closely with local and responsible suppliers, thus promoting short circuits and supporting the local economy. We pay particular attention to responsible waste management. We implement waste management practices aimed at reducing, reusing, and recycling as much as possible to minimize our ecological footprint. Promotion of sustainable eating: We are committed to offering menus that showcase fresh, seasonal ingredients from organic or sustainable agriculture, thus promoting the health of our customers and the planet.
  • Layout: prioritize rented, previously used, reusable elements from the recycling circuit, or those that can be recycled. Equip luminous furniture with LED bulbs.
  • Audio-visual: prioritize rented, previously used, and reusable elements. Favor dark-colored visuals and videos in HD format not exceeding 1080x1920 pixels.
  • Transport and accommodation: prioritize travel by train, carpooling, and public transportation. Choose accommodations closest to the event venue to limit transportation.
  • Communication: limit the distribution of goodies, replace them with services, or use relevant items from the recycling circuit or those that can be recycled. Use posters/banners/roll-up banners, etc., that are already used, reusable, from the recycling circuit, or recyclable. Do not include images in email signatures.
  • On-site: turn off stands at the end of the day, implement waste sorting according to the available options on-site.
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